Definitions for "Schooling"
Instruction in school; tuition; education in an institution of learning; act of teaching.
Compensation for instruction; price or reward paid to an instructor for teaching pupils.
Training in preparation for competition.
the behavior of certain species of aquatic animals (anchovy, squid, juvenile opaleye) to swim in large groups for protection against predators.
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The warm-up session prior to each rider's round in which they jump practice fences in schooling area.
The warm-up session prior to the rider's round in which they are able to jump practice jumps in a designated and supervised schooling area.
Discipline; reproof; reprimand; as, he gave his son a good schooling.
Keywords:  badly, beaten, lesson, took, opponent
To get beaten so badly, that you actually took a lesson from your opponent.
Keywords:  shoals, running, collecting
Collecting or running in schools or shoals.
People hanging out or in close association (like a school of fish).
Behavioural grouping together of fish, which then usually move together as a group.
the process of being formally educated at a school; "what will you do when you finish school?"