Definitions for "Novice"
One who is new in any business, profession, or calling; one unacquainted or unskilled; one yet in the rudiments; a beginner; a tyro.
One who enters a religious house, whether of monks or nuns, as a probationist.
Used to signify someone with some real life experience of submission, but nothing in committed Ongoing Voluntary Submission or slave relationships, in the four-point experience scale: none, novice, servant and slave. (Traditionally, novice is a stage before taking vows.)
a horse who has not won a race under a particular code (hurdling or chasing) before that season
an exhibitor who has not previously been awarded any prize at ANY BKKS show
a student who has won less than three awards in college in either public speaking or oral interpretation events
A first-year rower, regardless of grade level in school.
a rower in the first year of collegiate competition. Port: A rower's right side when they are in the boat.
a junior member of the Holy Monastic Order
a member and shall participate in all activities of the order
A probationary member of a monastic community. The period of probation lasts a year. During this time he is under the authority of the superior and follows the rules of the community.
A beginning level of language proficiency, whose range of choices in the language is limited, such as to present tense only or to rote, memorized phrases and responses.
beginning language learner. Beginning language category of the ACTFL guidelines.
A beginning player.
One newly received into the church, or one newly converted to the Christian faith.
a person who is newly planted in the church and he comes into authority suddenly as a minister, or an elder, or some leader
a fighter who is undergoing basic training in standard weapons (long sword, short sword, shield and dagger)
a Monger in training
a competition level in combined training that requires competitors to jump 2'11".
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The class a rookie advances to.
an approporatie category for silver and gold to dance in
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A fencer not placed in the top three positions.
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New rider to the sport.
The student is beginning to show an understanding of new information or skills. For scoring purposes in reading, mathematics, science, and social studies, students are categorized as medium or high novice.
someone new to a field or activity
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Young sheep dog that has only competed in a limited number of trials.
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an embedded semi-hardware firewall
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The status of a user who is not authorized to modify the SQL equivalent of a query.
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Like a novice; becoming a novice.
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See performance standards.