Definitions for "Security Clearance"
a determination made that an individual is eligible for access to classified information up to a specific level
a determination that a person is eligible for access to classified information
a license issued by a federal government agency complete investigation of a lower level clearance status
a condition of employment
a status granted by agencies of the view documents of national security
a status granted by and specific locations where data is stored to include coworkers employers personal friends educators neighbors Lets get the Truth Out changing things for the better through information
a level of trust that the government provides you to do a certain job in the nations security interest
a trust not given lightly or without consequence
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a privilege NOT a right
a determination by the United States government that a person
a determination that a person is able and willing to
a determination, usually in written form, that a person is willing a
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a little different from the general public
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a requirement of this position