Definitions for "Service Agent"
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A service agent is an object that co-ordinates the service for the user. It supports separation of local aspects from global ones and the customisation of services. source: EU-P103 domain: TMN usage: EU-P103
Any person or entity, other than an employee of the employer, who provides services specified under this part to employers and/or employees in connection with DOT drug and alcohol testing requirements. This includes, but is not limited to, collectors, BATs and STTs, laboratories, MROs, substance abuse professionals, and C/TPAs. To act as service agents, persons and organizations must meet the qualifications set forth in applicable sections of this part. Service agents are not employers for purposes of this part.
A service agent may provide any of the following : A firm that provides pre-move survey, packing, inventory, loading, residence to port transportation, ocean or air transportation, customs clearance, from port to residence delivery transportation, storage, unloading, unpacking of your household goods, packing material removal and post-move survey.
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an executable (TNTAgent
a SLP component that is responsible for advertising available services to network devices
an intelligent service with a longer lifetime that spans multiple requests
A service whose primary functions are to help prepare a request to be submitted to other services and to help interpret a service's response to the request.
a locally installed assembly that provides a well-know interface to a business object