Definitions for "SET-ASIDE"
Land that arable farmers must take out of production for one or more years. In exchange for setting aside the land from production the farmer receives compensation for the crop he would otherwise have grown
This program expired with passage of the 1996 Farm Bill. The program limited production by restricting the use of land.
Agricultural land taken out of production and put over to non-agricultural production use under the MAFF arable subsidy scheme.
A percentage of a municipal or corporate bond underwriting that is allocated for handling by a minority-owned broker/dealer firm.
The practice of reserving a specific number of places in a program, or a percentage of economic activity, for persons of a particular (minority) status.
reserved in advance
a Federal contract designated for small business bidding only
A solicitation set-aside for award to small business. Set aside decisions are based on anticipated response to a solicitation and are recommended/approved prior to soliciting.
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a very specific tool
Funds for specified uses that are netted out when determining the borrower's principal limit