Definitions for "CRP"
Community Rehabilitation Program (formerly "rehabilitation facility")
capacity requirements planning. A process using demand from open production orders and MRP planned orders, and work center/production line rate and capacity data to determine over or under capacity conditions. A short- term, detailed view of capacity that verifies the feasibility of firming up planned orders and releasing them to the floor. CRP systems normally function as a capacity status report, without generating exception messages that recommend order reschedules or moving production to alternate work centers or lines.
Continuous Replenishment Program.
Central Reserve Police (of India)
Conservation Reserve Program. A program, created in the Food Security Act of 1985, to retire from production up to 45 million acres of highly erodible and environmentally sensitive farmland. Landowners who sign contracts agree to keep retired lands in approved conserving uses for 10-15 years. In exchange, the landowner receives an annual rental payment, cost-share payments to establish permanent vegetative cover and technical assistance. The CRP reportedly has reduced erosion by up to 700 million tons per year. The FAIR Act of 1996 extends authorization to enroll land through 2002 and caps maximum CRP acreage at 36.4 million acres, its 1995 level. The Act also makes the program spending mandatory and finances it through the Commodity Credit Corporation.
Crisis Residential Program
cyclic AMP regulatory protein that is involved in the negative regulation of the lac operon in E. coli. After binding cAMP, CRP binds to the lac promoter and stimulates transcription. Also known as CAP for cyclic AMP activated protein.
A protein which is produced in the liver and is increased in patients with an inflammation
A blood protein which becomes elevated when infection is present. CRP is used as a test to help determine the presence of infection.
conference room pilot. A key project implementation strategy that tests normal business case scenarios in a proposed new system to uncover people, process and system issues, generate resolutions, and define action steps needed to complete the implementation. The pilot is normally done after initial vendor or in-house education using a test database of representative data.
Conference Room Pilot. This session is used to test the CRM system following the completion of all configuration and customization work. Using sample data and test scripts that represent the new roles, processes and procedures to be implemented, iFusion and the Project Team complete "day in the life" scenarios. In addition to testing configuration and customization work, the pilot validates the new system and processes. Any outstanding issues or "last minute" changes identified during the CRP are documented and put through the configuration process in order to be included with the initial deployment.
Conference Room Pilot (see below)
COMMAND RELIGIOUS PROGRAM. The provision of the opportunity for the free exercise of religion by the members of a command and their dependents and providing the ministries appropriate to their rights and needs. Provided through the CRP are officiating clergy, RPs, facilities such as the religious ministries facility (RMF) and services such as worship services, liturgies, rites, religious education, pastoral ministries, humanitarian projects, counseling, and referral services. The RP must support the goals of the CRP.
command repeat
combat reconnaissance patrol (Soviet)
CHILD RESISTANT PACKAGING. Packaging that protects children or adults from injury or illness resulting from accidental contact with or ingestion of residential pesticides that meet or exceed specific toxicity levels. Required by FIFRA regulations. Term is also used for protective packaging of medicines.
Citizen Review Panel
Cabling Reference Panel (of the ACIF) One of the five reference panels of the Australian Communications Industry Forum, the CRP is responsible for the formulation of telecommunications cabling standards and management of the cabling industry licensing arrangements.
Abbreviation for corneal reflection pupillometer, the instrument used to measure corneal reflection.
Customer Routing Point. AT&T's terminology for third-party processors that accept routing requests from the CCSS7 network.
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carbon-reinforced plastic; see CFRP
control and reporting post
compulsory reporting point.
Center for Responsive Politics
Coordinating Registered Professional. when a project requires services of more than one architect or engineer, one professional becomes responsible for coordinating all the other professionals.
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Count Rate Protection