Definitions for "Land Reclamation"
Land reclamation is the process of protecting, restoring, and possibly even improving the land before, during, and after surface mining. As coal is removed from one section of a surface mine, the land at another part is returned, regraded, and replanted. In the end, this means that the land is preserved, nature has been protected, water and soil are conserved, and the land can be turned into productive farmland, forests, and lakes.
Previously unusable land, sea or lake bed developed for agriculture etc
In the context of the Full Cost Bonding Program, Land Reclamation is the suite of mining activities necessary to implement the approved reclamation plan. It includes the demolition of structures, sealing of boreholes, and bonding for replacement of water supplies covered by SMCRA. It does not include liability for damage (including loss, diminution, or degradation of water supplies) from mine subsidence.