Definitions for "Brownfield Site"
Previously developed land that is or was occupied by a permanent structure (non-agricultural use) and its associated fixed surface infrastructure.
A site that has been generally abandoned or underused where redevelopment is complicated by actual or perceived environmental contamination. Only a small proportion of Brownfield sites will meet the definition of contaminated land.
A piece of land which has been previously developed for a use other than agriculture or forestry and which has one or more permanent structures on it. These sites can be in urban and rural areas and examples include industrial sites, defence buildings and land used for mineral extraction and waste disposal. Not included in the definition are parks, playgrounds, allotments and other amenities and sites where the previous use has been blended into the landscape eg by turning the site into a nature reserve. Brownfield sites are frequently key development sites in an area but often require large amounts of "remedial" or cleaning up work before they can be reused. The full legal definition is given in the Governments Planning Policy Guidance Note 3 (PPG3), available as an Acrobat file at http:// see also greenfield site