Definitions for "Smog"
Smog is a mixture of smoke and fog. The term is used to describe city fogs in which there is a large proportion of particulate matter (tiny pieces of carbon from exhausts) and also a high concentration of sulphur and nitrogen gases.
Air pollution associated with the presence of photochemical oxidants such as oxides of nitrogen in the lower atmosphere released by the combustion of fossil fuels.
Dust, smoke, or chemical fumes that pollute the air and make hazy, unhealthy conditions (literally, the word is a blend of smoke and fog). Automobile, truck, bus, and other vehicle exhausts and particulates are usually trapped close to the ground, obscuring visibility and contributing to a number of respiratory problems.
SMOG (Simple Measure Of Gobbledygook) is a readability formula that estimates the years of education needed to understand a piece of writing. SMOG is widely used, particularly for checking health messages. The precise SMOG formula yields an outstandingly high 0.985 correlation with the grades of readers who had 100% comprehension of test materials.
Secret Master of Gaming. A mythical roleplaying personality or personalities. Anyone claiming to be a SMOG or know a SMOG is lying, and probably feeling insecure.
to talk about a game in which one has participated. "Smogging" may be simple socialization or an attempt to recruit new players. Smoggers should avoid giving spoilers to those who have not played in the game being discussed.