Definitions for "Stipend"
A grant of money to a graduate student for use toward expenses above both tuition and a stipend, which can be applied toward living expenses.
A payment made to an individual to provide for living expenses during the training period of a fellowship or other training project.
Amount of money per credit hour set by the General Assembly to be held in trust for and paid on behalf of an eligible undergraduate student pursuant to the College Opportunity Fund.
a significant disincentive for many homeless individuals moving from the shelters into congregate settings
a temporary payment that should not exceed one year in duration
a temporary payment that should not exceed the duration of one year
A stipend provides a temporary increase in pay to compensate an employee for the temporary assumption of duties and responsibilities that are typically allocated at a higher level within the same job family or occupational area.
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Summons and Complaint
A regular or fixed payment made to an individual in recognition of added responsibility.
a sum of money allotted on a regular basis; usually for some specific purpose
a regular payment made in money, grain or both for the support of a parish minister, which was renewable (and re-negotiable) every five years
Settled pay or compensation for services, whether paid daily, monthly, or annually.
To pay by settled wages.
an offering given to a priest, in consideration of which he is obliged to apply the fruits of the Mass for the special intention of the donor
an allowance or periodic payment
a payment given for completing your research project or scholarly activity and participating in the program