Definitions for "Streams "
Streams is an I/O library designed to eventually replace the current I/O facilities based on using Handles. The main advantage is its strong modular design using typeclasses. It consists of small independent modules, each implementing one type of stream or one part of common stream functionality .
A kernel mechanism that provides the framework for network services and data communication. It defines interface standards for character input/output within the kernel, and between the kernel and user level. The STREAMS mechanism comprises integral functions, utility routines, kernel facilities, and a set of structures.
A UNIX network protocol interface to device drivers.
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Sources of and destinations for data. The main forms of streams are the console objects, file streams (where the source or destination is a file) and string streams (the source or destination is a std::string). Streams can be purely for input (sources of data), purely for output (destinations for data) or bi-directional.
Oracle Database feature that allows data to be captured from a source and applied to one or more target databases. Captured data can be staged and transformed before it is applied to a target database. When used with an Oracle Gateway, data can be captured or applied to/from non-Oracle databases.
Paths of interest available within a major; not printed on the diploma at graduation.