Definitions for "TDI"
See Isocyanates.
An abbreviation for toluene diioscyanate.
An abbreviation for toluene diisocyanate, TDI is one of the two primary reactants involved in the production of flexible polyurethane foams.
total daily intake
Tolerable daily intake. Analogous to acceptable daily intake.
Tolerable Daily Intake. The tolerable daily consumption for humans of a particular compound. This amount is unlikely to cause harm to human health if ingested on a regular (i.e., daily) basis over a lifetime.
Tree Data Interface - the basic language for expressions in MDSplus
Transport Driver Interface. In the Windows NT and Windows 2000 networking model, a common interface for network layer components. The TDI is not a single program, but a protocol specification to which the upper bounds of transport protocol device drivers are written. It allows software components above and below the transport layer to be mixed and matched without reprogramming.
See Transport Driver Interface.
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EDI: ??? (eg Tradacoms, Brokernet).
Custom BC Inquiry found under BC Reports Commitment Control Transaction Dtl Inquiry. Allows you to view budget and transaction details. Similar to Commitment Control Budget Details, but displays transactions on the main page. Updated once a day (yesterday’s data)
Turbo Direct Injection - refers to a turbocharged, direct injection, diesel engine
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Therapy Dogs, Inc. A temperament test.
Technical Diving International. Maine-based certification agency for technical aspects of recreational scuba.
Therapeutic Donor Insemination (also known as AID).
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Texas Department of Insurance
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Time-delay integration.
Technologies and Devices International