Definitions for "TLV"
The airborne concentration of a compound in which nearly all workers may be exposed day after day without adverse effect.
threshold limit value. Compare? The concentration of an airborne substance that a healthy person can be exposed to for a 40-hour work week without adverse effect; a workplace exposure standard.
Threshold limit value. Recommended guidelines for occupational exposure to airborne contaminants published by the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists. Threshold limit values represent the average concentrations in milligrams per cubic meter for an 8-hour workday and a 40-hour workweek to which nearly all workers may be repeatedly exposed, day after day, without adverse effect.
TLV - Type Length Value. A tuple allowing typed opaque information to be passed through the protocol. Typically TLV's are intended for interpretation at the core layer. Being typed, new elements can be added w/o modifying the lower layers.
Type-Length-Value (type-longueur-valeur)
Tag Length Variable
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hreshold imit alue
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An extension that informs the LAN Emulation Server that this client is also MPOA enabled for the ELAN that it is a member of.
Total Lung Volume. The lung volume at maximal inspiration.