Definitions for "TWA"
An allowable exposure concentration averaged over a normal 8-h workday or a 40-h workweek.
Time Weighted Average. The yardstick used by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to measure noise levels in the workplace. It is equal to a constant sound level lasting eight hours that would cause the same hearing damage as the variable noises that a worker is actually exposed to. (This hearing loss, of course, occurs over long-term exposures.) Same as LOSHA.
Time Weighted Average. The average concentration of a chemical in air over the total exposure time - usually an 8-hour work day (see " What are exposure limits?", Understanding Toxic Substances, page 22).
The Workforce Alliance
Task Work Area. An optional storage area, associated with a task, commonly used by application programs to store or pass data relevant to the task. The TWA persists for the life of the task.
Timber Wolf Alliance - Wolf education organization working out of the Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute, Northland College in Ashland Wisconsin.
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Teacha Wit& a Attitude
Temporary Welfare Assistant. Employed by the school on a fixed term contract for a named child.
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Two-Step Mortgage