Definitions for "Support Staff"
The term used to describe personnel in positions supporting Extension programs: secretaries, clerical staff, program assistants.
Staff may include receptionists, secretaries, bookkeepers, and office managers. They have a vital function in any organization and are often the ones who have the initial contact with clients.
Support staff is a classification of staff members. Typically, support staff are those who perform tasks which assist the development and/or management staff.
Enterprise employees who perform technical support functions (e.g., help desk, software patch management, etc.) and who help enforce physical security policies (e.g., a guard at an entrance to a zone.)
Employees who provide administrative, technical, and logistical support to a school or education program.
Person or group responsible for resolving action requests. They assign and are assigned ARs, log their progress in appropriate fields, and use information stored in previous ARs to help resolve problems.