Definitions for "Surah"
Keywords:  qur'an, suwar, quran, chapter, qur
chapter of the Holy Quraan.
Chapter of the Qur'an, sign, degree of rank; from the verb, sâra, to mount a wall; or sawwara, to enclose, fence in.
(also sura): The Koran is comprised of 114 chapters, each of which is called a Surah. The plural of Surah is Suwar, meaning chapters. -- T-U
Keywords:  twill, scarves, blouses, silk, filament
A soft twilled silk fabric much used for women's dresses; -- called also surah silk.
a soft twill fabric of silk or synthetic filament fiber. Used for scarves, ties, blouses
Surah was originally made of silk, but is now also made of manmade filament fibers. It is a soft, supple fabric of twill weave that may come in plaid or a printed pattern. It's used for neckwear, scarves, blouses, and dresses.