Definitions for "Time sharing"
A form of multiple ownership in which purchasers buy specific time periods for use of the property represented by tenancy in common interest.
A form of real property ownership that grants each of several owners the exclusive right to occupy a housing unit during a specified time period each year.... read full article
A modern approach to communal ownership and use of real estate which permits multiple purchasers to buy undivided interests in real property (which is usually in a resort condominium or hotel) with a right to use the facility for a fixed or variable time period.
(IEEE) A mode of operation that permits two or more users to execute computer programs concurrently on the same computer system by interleaving the execution of their programs. May be implemented by time slicing, priority-based interrupts, or other scheduling methods.
an old system where people were allotted chunks of time on a large computer WWWebfx Home Page
(adj.) Dividing the effort of a processor among many programs so they can run concurrently. Time sharing is usually managed by an operating system. See also space sharing.