Definitions for "Tombstone"
A stone erected over a grave, to preserve the memory of the deceased.
A written advertisement of underwriters of a security issue. It is placed by investment bankers, usually in the financial press.
Advertisement listing the underwriters to a security issue.
A vertical portion of a ramp that rises above the rest of the top of the ramp to add more vert. Resembles a rectangular tombstone on top of the ramp.
An extra section of wood added to a vert ramp, so that the top edge is uneven and is higher than the other edges of the ramp. Named this because it looks like a tombstone sticking up from one edge of vert ramp.
See gravestone. Also an American pizza brand (prompting the ad campaign, "what do you want on your tombstone?") Also a city in southwest Arizona.
Tombstone is a 1993 Western movie written by Kevin Jarre and directed by George P. Cosmatos. The story involves Wyatt Earp and his brothers moving to Tombstone, Arizona where they and Doc Holliday face off against a band of criminals called the Cowboys.
The tombstone, halmos, or end of proof mark "" is used in mathematics to denote the end of a proof, in place of the traditional phrase quod erat demonstrandum (Q.E.D.).
Tombstone (Lonnie Thompson Lincoln) is the a fictional character in Marvel Comics comic books. He is an enemy of Spider-Man and first appeared in Web of Spider-Man #36 (March 1988).
Tombstone is a free multiplay online Real Time Strategy Shooter game, using a revamped Silverback engine as was used by S2 Games in their game. It is being developed with approval from the creators of the engine and is estimated to be available for download some time in 2006.
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a symbol of union, disunion, and reunion
a fixed-size object, often containing little more than a pointer to a real object
Tombstones are a solution to dangling pointers in computer programming languages.
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one of those damn little rocks protruding out of the trail which you don't notice because you are having a heart-attack climbing the hill.
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For other uses, see Tombstone (disambiguation)
a mixture of (approximately) one third of barley wine with two thirds of cider
a special object in the directory containing information on the deleted object
In Active Directory, an object that is removed from the directory but not yet deleted.
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a kind of memorial , taken on as a way to stay connected to somebody or something that has been lost
a memorial, but hardly a replacement, for the person that was, and the space that their passing leaves in the lives of those they touched
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A tombstone is a fixture of two up to six or more sides, onto which are mounted parts to be manufactured. Tombstones are typically used in automated systems: parts are loaded onto the tombstone so that robots may operate on one part, flip the tombstone, and operate on the next part until all processes are completed, then transport the entire tombstone to the next station.
A form of publicity, usually shown in the financial press, which sets out the highlights of a financing which has been arranged in the capital markets. Tombstones usually show the clients, the arranger or agent bank and the lenders or funding providers which were involved in the transaction.
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Too big too fail
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Specifying in a bill that the act it creates will be named for a state legislator; i.e., "The (last name of individual) Act."