Definitions for "Vert"
Everything that grows, and bears a green leaf, within the forest; as, to preserve vert and venison is the duty of the verderer.
The right or privilege of cutting growing wood.
The color green, represented in a drawing or engraving by parallel lines sloping downward toward the right.
ical AX le. Style of diaboloing where the axle of the diabolo spins vertically rather than the normal horizontal.
upright. As opposed to horizontal. Often shortened to 'vert.' when describing a stamp's format.
Vert is a term used in extreme sports (especially skateboarding, snowboarding, BMX and Inline skating) to denote a competition held on a Vert ramp which allows the competitors to fly into the air and land back on the ramp. This time in the air allows the competitor to perform moves which would otherwise be impossible. An example of this would be a flip, or a spin.
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(abbr.) vertebra.
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Also known as a halfpipe
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the top section if the wall that is completely flat
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A term used for convertible.