Definitions for "TOP NOTE"
The top note is technically the first part of the perfume we smell and the first part that fades. It's always made up of light citrus notes, or green notes, like grasses or leaves. The top note is what gives perfume its freshness.
The first scent impression of a fragrance once it has been applied to the skin.
The impression of a fragrance when first smelled or applied to the skin usually the most volatile ingredients in a perfume. Top Note - Citrus notes, light fruity notes but also very high impact materials in the formulation that show themselves in the first stages of evaporation - e.g. aldehydes, eucalyptus etc. . is for Urine - Animal see The ABC's of PerfumeryÓ 1998 A-Z odour classification system Urine - used to denote Animalic smells as part of the mnemonic, system to help us remember, the ABC's of Perfumery