Definitions for "TPA"
tissue plasminogen activator; a chemical substance that helps dissolve blood clots
A powerful drug used to dissolve a blood clot in the coronary artery that is causing a heart attach. (see angioplasty)
See Tissue plasminogen activator
a firm that provides administrative functions (e.g. claims processing, membership, etc.) for a self-insured health plan.
Third Party claim Administration
Third Party Administration. Method by which an outside person or firm, not a party to a contract, maintains all records regarding the persons covered under the insurance plan. Entity also may pay claims.
12-O-tetradecanoylphorbol-13-acetate. A drug that is being studied as a treatment for hematologic cancer.
12-O-tetradecanoylphorbol-13-acetate. A substance that is being studied in the treatment of hematologic cancers. It belongs to the family of drugs called phorbol esters.
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Tons Per Annum
tonnes per annum.
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Trading Partner Agreements. A contract between two trading partners detailing their relationship with regard to EDI.
Trading Partner Agreement.
Trade Promotion Authority - see Fast Track
Technologie et Partenariat en Agroalimentaire
Memory area where CP/M programs are run
Transient Program Area. Area in memory where user programs run and store data. This area is a region of memory beginning at 0100H and extending to the base of the CP/M system in high memory. The first module of the CP/M system is the CCP, which can be overwritten by a user program. If so, the TPA is extended to the base of the CP/M BDOS module. If the CCP is overwritten, the user program must terminate with either a system reset (Function 0) call or a jump to location zero in page zero. The address of the base of the CP/M BDOS is stored in location 0006H in page zero least significant byte first.
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Terminal Puerto Arica
Teaching Performance Assessment. Any assessment that measures aspects of the Teaching Performance Expectations (TPE's) that describe what California teachers need to know and be able to do before receiving a Preliminary Credential.
Teacher/Parent Association.
Tenant Protection Act. The provincial legislation that governs the relationship between landlords and residential tenants in Ontario. Social housing is exempt from a few of its provisions (including the guideline for rent increases) but not others (including the processes for evictions.)
See Tenant Protection Act.
Temporary Prohibited Area. Airspace closed to unauthorised aircraft (and see Controlled Airspace).
Thermal Protective Aids
Tenure Protection Allowance
Trusted Platform Agent. Trusted Platform Agent; the component within the platform that reports integrity metrics, logs, Validation Data, etc. to a Challenger; outside the scope of this specification.
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Tri-polymer alloy.
Test point analysis. A method with the possibility to perform a technology-independent measurement of the test size of an information system, on the basis of a function point analysis, and to use this measurement as a basis for a productivity measurement, an estimate of the required resources, and project management.
Transfer Path Analysis
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Total Plate Appearances