Definitions for "UAL"
Ultrasound assisted liposuction. a technique using sound waves to break up fat while removing it
Lipoplasty that employs ultrasound energy to emulsify fat via cavitation, in contrast to mechanical avulsion of fat as in SAL. Although LipoSelection® only by VASER® employs ultrasonic energy, it differs from previous-generation UAL technology that is still in use today because, in the LipoSelection procedure, fat is efficiently emulsified using the VASER System's proprietary grooved probes. Once fat is emulsified, the VASER System's unique cannulae facilitate removal of the fat emulsion while leaving other important tissues relatively intact.
University Assistant Lecturer.
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Ual(pronounced as woo-aal) is a sandwatch shaped grinding tool used by the bodos.
Used Agricultural Land UAL comprises all arable land, permanent grass and pasture, tree crop land, household plots and land planted with (edible) chestnut trees.
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umbilical artery line. See UAC/UVC.
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( SMS) User Application Layer
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User Adaptation Layer.
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UAL can mean:-