Definitions for "UCP"
Unfair Commercial Practices Directive
Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits (UCP) published by the International Chamber of Commerce. The latest version is UCP 500, effective from 1 January 1994. The core aim is to make it easier for companies in different countries to trade with each other using letters of credit, thus contributing to the expansion of international commerce
Uniform Customs and Practice of Documentary Credit. The "bankers Bible" on Documentary Credit Interpretation issued by the I.C.C.
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United Cerebral Palsy
United Cerebal Palsy
Universal Computer Protocol - an SMS protocol from ERMES. Several functions (known as EMI Operations), but the most commonly implemented are: 01 - Call Input (send); 03 - Call Input With Supplementary Services; 30 - SMS Message Transfer (send); 51 - Submit Short Message.
Universal Computer Protocol UCP is a communication protocol for SMS-messages, that are sent via modem- or ISDN-access or so-called large customer accounts.
Universal Control Plane
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UCP is the next generation web hosting control panel system are extremely feature rich as well as include an easy to use web based GUI.
User Control Point (formerly Network Control Point [NCP]).
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unified command plan