Definitions for "Academic Alert"
Keywords:  gpa, alert, cumulative, pcc, jeopardy
Students whose cumulative grade point average (GPA, see below) falls below a certain minimum may be placed on Academic Alert. Students on Academic Alert are notified by letter and must improve their grades during the following semester in order to register for future PCC classes. Students who receive an Academic Alert letter should seek out a counselor or advisor immediately for help on finding and using College resources than can improve their academic standing.
Students who achieve a term grade point average below 1.7 in their December grades will receive the notation Academic Alert on their December grade report. Academic Alert is not an academic standing, and is not recorded on your transcript, but is an early warning that you may be in academic jeopardy if your grades do not improve.
An academic alert will be noted on the grade report when a student whose cumulative GPA satisfies the standard scale but still falls below 2.00. This student may continue to receive financial aid. (For examples, see chart listed under #2 on Standards of Progress policy).