Definitions for "Arcanum"
Keywords:  plural, cajun, elixir, magician, arcana
A secret; a mystery; -- generally used in the plural.
A secret remedy; an elixir.
In general the term means anything hidden, the plural 'arcana' being applied to all the esoteric wisdom of occult lore, the knowledge that makes the magician 'master of gold and light'. The word is also used to denote any one of the twenty-two picture cards (the Major Arcana) of the tarot deck.
Keywords:  penultimate, alchemy, grp, jazz, album
Arcanum was a 1996 album released by Acoustic Alchemy, their penultimate release on the GRP jazz label.
Arcanum is a comic book published by in 1996, under the Top Cow banner. The series was created by artist Brandon Peterson, in what was his first attempt at writing a series. It was vaguely a fantasy title, relying heavily on magical themes that were similar to other series Top Cow was publishing at the time.