Definitions for "Cher"
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Cher is a self-titled album was released in 1987, after a number of less successful albums. It helped put Cher back into the charts and the limelight again. It was the first commercial success of her rock music era.
CHER is a Canadian radio station, broadcasting from Sydney, Nova Scotia on 950 AM. It broadcasts a classic hits format. It is branded "Classic Hits MAX 950".
Cher is the third studio album, released by singer Cher. The album was produced by Sonny Bono and was published under Imperial Records. The album itself was not as successful as All I Really Want to Do or The Sonny Side of Cher however it did manage to provide the European top ten hit, "Sunny".
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Cher (born Cheryl Sarkisian LaPiere on May 20, 1946), The California Birth Index, 1905-1995 gives "Cheryl LaPiere" as the name on her birth certificate. Cher also gave "LaPiere" as her birth name on the birth certificates for both of her children. In 1964, she was known professionally as "Cherilyn", and makes a reference to it as her "real name" in her book The First Time.
Cher is an administrative department located in the centre of France. It is named after the Cher River.
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A term of endearment or “my sweet.