Definitions for "Chilled"
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Chilled is an EP by Chicane.
A state of slowed movement and action, brought on by a frost-based attack. Both players and monsters can be chilled. Any weapon which imparts cold damage on its victim will also chill. Chilled creatures, when killed, explode into tiny blocks of ice and are useless for skills like revive or find potion, but can't be revived by non-hero monster raisers (shamans, mummies, etc).
Having that cloudiness or dimness of surface that is called "blooming."
chilled foods are produced, cooked and rapidly chilled (-1 to 8 degrees C) as a means of preserving them
Product that is stored in a temperature range of 0 to 4 degree c.
A food that has been refrigerated, usually at temperatures of 30-40ºF(-1 to +4ºC).
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Hardened on the surface or edge by chilling; as, chilled iron; a chilled wheel.