Definitions for "Gallus"
Term of glowing approval. Derives from description of that which is cheerfully bursting with self-confidence. The word comes from “gallows”, coined at at the hanging of a Glasgow thief and murderer known as Gentleman Jim, who had remained his smiling, cocksure and witty self right up until the drop.
Gallus is the second album from scottish rock band Gun. The cover shows Benny Lynch, a renowned scottish boxer from Glasgow.
elastic straps that hold trousers up (usually used in the plural)
Chiefly dialectical] suspender [Usually used in plural
Gladiator type. The name given to the Murmillo prior to Augustus' reforms.
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Latin = cock, hence, crista galli, the cock's comb.
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common domestic birds and related forms
The genus of birds which includes the common Fowl. 80