Definitions for "High Levels Of Triglycerides"
Recommendation Vitamin B3 (Niacin)"In a study of people with high cholesterol, niacin not only reduced LDL and triglycerides by 17% and 18% respectively, but it also increased HDL by 16%..."
The Condition"...While elevated triglycerides have a genetic component in many cases, lifestyle choices such as overconsumption, too many carbohydrates and physical inactivity frequently play a central role in the disorder..." Recommendation High/Increased Protein Diet"Virtually every study in which the carbohydrate intake was low enough to convert the body's primary fuel from glucose to stored fat has shown a drop in total cholesterol and improvements in risk ratios of total cholesterol to HDL, with..."
The Condition"... Fatty acids from triglycerides are used for musclular work or stored as body fat for future energy production..." Relationship to EFA (Essential Fatty Acid) Type 3 Requirement"Omega-3 fatty acids can have a profound effect on lowering triglyceride levels..."