Definitions for "Rashes"
Keywords:  scabies, ringworm, pox, diaper, rosacea
The Condition"...From diaper rash and cradle cap (in infants), through ringworm and chicken pox (children), acne and athlete's foot (teens), psoriasis and rosacea (adults), to shingles and scabies (seniors), they can affect us at different stages of life..."
Skin rashes and blushing are commonly associated with mercury poisoning.
The Condition"...See your family doctor or dermatologist if skin rashes enter your life, especially if you have other symptoms, like fever, swollen lymph nodes, infection, headache, shortness of breath, sensitivity to light, a stiff neck, or achy joints..."
The Condition"...Infestations: Some skin rashes are caused by tiny parasites such as lice and mites..."