Definitions for "Telescopes"
may be prescription or nonprescription, are sometimes monocular (one eye), sometimes binocular (two eyes); lower powers may be mounted on eyeglasses; used to magnify and promote a better visual response by concentrating the image on a greater area of the eye; telescopic spectacles are particularly effective for watching TV; close focus are good for viewing at intermediate distances, i.e., piano music or hobbies; hand held are good for sightseeing and reading signs, etc.
Telescopes is an EP by Waking Ashland, released on February 8 2006 in Japan through the band's Japanese record label Fabtone Records. The U.S. version, featuring different artwork, was released on June 13 2006 through Immortal Records. The EP contains seven new songs and an enhanced CD portion with video footage of two songs performed live in Japan ("Long Shot" and "Let Go").