Definitions for "AES"
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An extremely strong encryption standard that's just starting to become available. AES stands for Advanced Encryption System.
Advance Encryption Algorithm
Australasian Evaluation Society
Audio Engineering Society. The only professional society devoted exclusively to audio technology.
Audio Engineering Laboratory
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Auto electronic shutter. Feature of a camera to adjust for light changes without the use of an auto-iris lens.
Auto Electronic Shutter. The ability of the camera to compensate for moderate light changes in indoor applications without the use of auto iris lenses.
Abacus Educational System
Alternative Educational Setting
American Education Services. A guarantor of federal loans in Delaware, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.
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Automated Export Systems. the electronic transmission of the Shipper's Export Declaration to Census, BIS and CBP.
Air Electronics School / Aerial Erectors School
Alternative Electric Supplier. The name given to certain competitive suppliers of retail electric services.
Alternative Electric Supplier. Entity authorized to make retail sales of electricity according to requirements defined by the Michigan Public Service Commission. Alternative electric suppliers purchase the power they market and take title to any power they represent.
Alternative Electric Generation & Transmission Supplier
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The successor to DES, which is used with a variety of software that require encyrption including SSL servers Show related articles
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non-precious metal used for the production of coins.
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Annual Employment Survey
Atmospheric Environment Service/Environment Canada
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