Definitions for "SSL"
Secure Socket Layer. A protocol designed by Netscape Communications to enable encrypted, authenticated communications on the Web.
A short form for Secure Sockets Layer, it is a program layer created by Netscape for managing the security of data transmissions across computer networks. SSL is now become the standard security approach for Web browsers and servers.
Secure Sockets Layer. A security protocol used on the Internet that specifies how the client browser and server exchange keys and encrypted data.
Solid State Laboratory
(Japan/MITI) Superconducting Sensor Laboratory
oil creening evel, an estimate of a contaminant concentration that would not be expected to cause noncancerous health effects over a specified duration of exposure or to cause less than one excess cancer in a million (10-6) persons exposed over a 70-year life span.
Secretariado del Software Libre Detailed description
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Spent Sulfite Liquor
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Please see the TechDesk Article SSL
Self-sealing lap, a feature of pipe insulation covering in which an adhesive strip provides mechanical and vapor retarder closure of the longitudinal seam. See also SSL II.
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Server-Side Include. A variable value (for example, "Last modified date") that a server can include in an HTML file before it sends it to the requestor.
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EPA soil screening level
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Soil Screening Level UNITS
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What does SSL stand for and mean