Definitions for "WPA"
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A modern encryption system for preventing eavesdropping on wireless network traffic that solves the problems that plagued WEP. WPA stands for Wi-Fi Protected Access.
A protocol promoted by the Wi-Fi Alliance intended to replace WEP as a more secure means of securing a wireless network. It implements a subset of the IEEE 802.11i protocol.
A form of encryption used for wifi.
Works Progress Administration. Make a Submission | Make a Submission
Works Progress Administration (originally the Work Projects Administration); a federal program of the 1930s and early 1940s. WPA workers compiled guides to vital records under the Historical Records Survey.
Congress created the Works Progress Administration (WPA) in 1935 and President Roosevelt placed Harry Hopkins in charge of it. It eventually spent $11 billion on federal works projects and provided employment for 8.5 million persons. They built roads, bridges, schools, etc., but the WPA also funded projects for thespians, artists, writers, and young people.
With Particular Average. An insurance term meaning that partial loss or damage of goods is insured. The damage generally must be caused by sea water, and many terms specify a minimum percentage of damage before payment. It may be extended to cover loss by theft, pilferage, leakage and breakage, or other perils depending on the nature of the cargo.
With particular average. See Marine Cargo Insurance.
Abbreviation for "With Particular Average."
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Waste Planning Authority. The local authority responsible for waste development planning and control. They are unitary authorities, including National Park Authorities, and county councils in non-unitary areas.
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Water Proof Adhesive
Western Provident Association
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Windows Product Activation
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