Definitions for "Breakage"
Keywords:  dime, mutuel, pennies, payoff, pari
Those pennies that are left over in pari-mutuel payoffs which are rounded out to a nickel or dime.
money left over when bets are rounded down to the near dime.
This is the difference between true pari-mutuel odds and lesser, rounded amounts given to winning punters. The substantial residues go to the racetracks and controlling State authorities.
The act of breaking; a break; a breaking; also, articles broken.
An allowance or compensation for things broken accidentally, as in transportation or use.
the quantity broken; "the total breakage was huge"
A condition in which hair splits and breaks off. Caused by over-bleaching, improper per­manent waving.
Keywords:  telecard, unused, expired, portion
Unused or expired portion of a telecard
Breakage is a term used in accounting to indicate gift cards that have been sold but not redeemed. Revenue from breakage is almost entirely profit, since companies need not provide any goods or services for unredeemed gift cards.
Keywords:  unavoidable, something, act
the act of breaking something; "the breakage was unavoidable"
reimbursement for goods damaged while in transit or in use
Damage to equipment; breakage during the first 100 meters of the race is grounds for the referee stopping the race and restarting.
Keywords:  clearance, punch, trim, die, pierce
The space, per side, between the punch and die on a trim or pierce die. Also called clearance or die clearance.
Keywords:  payout, winner, overall, pool, final
The difference in the amount of money in the overall betting pool and the winner's final payout
Empty bottles. Usually counted at the end of a shift as a check against consumption.
Money earned by a travel supplier when client does not use all the services paid for as part of a package.