Definitions for "Agar "
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any culture medium that uses agar as the gelling agent; -- used especially with a modifying prefix, as, EMB agar. The term is applied both to the dehydrated medium powder containing agar and to the gelatinous medium prepared from it.
a colloidal substance (gel) extracted from certain red algaes and used in tissue culture, supplemented with nutrients as required.
1. a gelatinous extract of red algae used in culture media, 2. a culture media containing agar
Red algal galactan biopolymer produced by genera such as Gracilaria, Gelidium and Gelidiella.
RAG produced by genera such as Gracilaria, Gelidiella and Gelidium. E406.
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The Agar project produces an extensive GUI toolkit for SDL/OpenGL, as well as an advanced object system aimed at games, editors, and scientific applications. The distribution also includes a set of graphics-related libraries.
The Agar project produces a set of libraries for SDL/OpenGL including a GUI toolkit , an extensive object system , vector/raster graphics packages , a 3D engine , a game object library and more.
Agar is a set of high-level computer graphics libraries used by many applications including 2D/3D computer games, visualization tools, graphical editors and simulations. Agar applications are portable to a variety of operating systems thanks to the Simple Direct Media Layer (SDL) library. Agar is mainly known for Agar-GUI, a graphical user interface library which is compatible with both Open GL and direct-video (SDL) displays.
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Glanders Protease
Aggregate fruits Ailment Air Bladders Air Chambers Air chambers generally refers to the open chambers in the thallus of Marchantia and other liverworts. This is a chamber in the upper portion of the thallus that has a pore at the top so that gas exchange can occur between the leaf and the open air outside the thallus.
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Ginseng Polypeptide
Agar is a city and a municipality in Shajapur district in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India.
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a town located in Sully County , South Dakota , U
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a selective medium for the isolation of gram-positive organisms from clinical specimens containing mixed species of bacteria
A medium used to grow microorganisms.
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common shortened form of agar-agar{2}.