Definitions for "AMES"
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Adult Measure of Essential Skills, AMES is an authentic assessment battery with questions tied directly to relevant adult workplace, community, and home experiences that measures achievement in reading, communication, computation, and applied problem solving. AMES diagnoses an individual's strengths and weaknesses in functional skills, literacy skills, problem solving, locating and using information, and organization and use of resources.
Adult Multicultural Education Services Website
a significant part of NASA's nanotechnology budget
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a major component of the IPG, currently the largest project at NAS
a prototype, where we intend to bring together academia
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a contributing partner to three additional award-winning teams
a long-standing partner of the SETI Institute in the search for life on other worlds
a global simulation model that combines multi-year satellite, climate, and other land surface data bases to estimate biosphere- atmosphere exchange of energy, water, and trace gases from plants and soils
authorised medical examiners, who conduct flight crew licensing medicals
a self-contained federal entity, however, and not subject to local jurisdiction, including property taxes