Definitions for "Application Service Provider"
A company that offers subscription services for applications and related services on a pay-per-use basis. ASPs host, manage and maintain applications at their own site and make them available via the Web. This enables smaller companies or those with limited budgets to take full advantage of the latest information technology.
A third-party business offering access to online software applications via the Internet. ADSL
A company that provides remote access to applications, usually over the Internet. ASPs are used when an organization finds it more cost-effective to have someone else host its applications than to install, implement, and maintain the applications at its own facility. The applications can be as simple as access to a remote file server, or as complex as an enterprise management system accessed through a standard browser. Most ASPs provide the servers, network access, and applications for a monthly or yearly subscription fee.
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Company that installs and maintains Web applications and makes them available to its customers, typically for a fee.