Definitions for "Barium"
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One of the elements, belonging to the alkaline earth group; a metal having a silver-white color, and melting at a very high temperature. It is difficult to obtain the pure metal, from the facility with which it becomes oxidized in the air. Atomic weight, 137. Symbol, Ba. Its oxide called baryta.
a substance that, when swallowed or given rectally as an enema, makes the digestive tract visible on X-rays.
An element that, when added to water, is opaque to x-rays and used for examination of the alimentary canal.
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3 - 1,900 45 / 45 700 RMEG4
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Ileus Premalignant
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Immunology Prodrugs
Hypothyroidism Sclerotherapy
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Hyperbaric Plexus
Hyperthyroidism Radiography
An element containing fifty-six protons and varying numbers of neutrons. Barium is a by-product of nuclear fission of uranium-235. - WebElements: Barium
a soft silvery metallic element of the alkali earth group; found in barite
This is one of two elements (the other being Strontium) that are alternatives for combining with iron to form ferrite magnets. (See also Ferrite and Strontium).
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Hybridomas Precancerous
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Hepatomegaly Potassium
Implantation Preoperative
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Incompetence Recurrence
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Histamine Prosthesis
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what you do when patients die
What a doctor does when a patient dies
What doctors do when treatment fails
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Insulin Recombinant
A substance used for radiographic visualization
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The MCL is 2 mg/L. Barium can increase blood pressure.
Occurs naturally in trace concentrations in some water sources. The concentrations present in water do not present any risk to health. 1000 µg/l
18.975 38.825 16.850 26.150 12.140
364.5614 594 3,000