Definitions for "Baumé"
Designating or conforming to either of the scales used by the French chemist Antoine Baumé in the graduation of his hydrometers; of or relating to Baumé's scales or hydrometers. There are two Baumé hydrometers. One, which is used with liquids heavier than water, sinks to 0° in pure water, and to 15° in a 15 per cent salt solution; the other, for liquids lighter than water, sinks to 0° in a 10 per cent salt solution and to 10° in pure water. In both cases the graduation, based on the distance between these fundamental points, is continued along the stem as far as desired.
A system used to measure specific gravity, which indicates the sugar of unfermented grape juice. One degree baume is roughly equivalent to 1 percent alcohol when the wine is fully fermented.
A measure of the sugar concentration in grape juice.
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