Definitions for "Calabaza"
Keywords:  pumpkin, squash, winter, flesh, west
This pumpkin-like winter squash, usually sold in slices or hunks in markets catering to Central and South Americans. Also known as West Indian pumpkin, calabaza is quite frequently better than pumpkin when cooked in the same way.
Calabaza, West Indian Pumpkin (Cucurbita pepo.) This cucurbit is very high in vitamin C and a part of the daily diet for many West Indians and Latin Americans. Though it is referred to as ‘pumpkinâ€(tm) in the ethnic produce trade, these gourds are closer to the North American winter squashes than the Jack Oâ€(tm) Lantern gourd usually associated with the name. Pumpkin is traditionally baked or boiled in salted water. It has a slightly nutty flavour which is delicious in soups. It can be peeled, diced and gently simmered and served with melted butter and thinly sliced escallions. The seeds may be dried and roasted.
Baked pumpkin.