Definitions for "Watermelon"
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The very large ovoid or roundish fruit of a cucurbitaceous plant (Citrullus vulgaris) of many varieties; also, the plant itself. The fruit sometimes weighs many pounds; its pulp is usually pink in color, and full of a sweet watery juice. It is a native of tropical Africa, but is now cultivated in many countries. See Illust. of Melon.
They are called 'Xi Kua' by the Chinese; translated to 'west -melon' because they were introduced from the extreme west of China. Now they are grown almost everywhere in China. Besides eating melons as a special eating party, you can use the rind of watermelons for a stir fried dish.
an African melon
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"cocomero, anguria"
Watermelons are high in glutathione, which helps cleanse food of the hazards of oxidized fat and may help sinus sufferers. Watermelons also contain no fat or cholesterol, are low in sodium, a source of Lycopene, an anti-cancer nutrient, a good source of vitamin C, and contain vitamin A, potassium, iron, calcium, and fiber.
Tourmaline Watermelon tourmaline is a tourmaline gemstone that is multicolored, going from pink to green. The Schreiner pin above is made of paste (glass) watermelon tourmaline.
Watermelon is a 2003 television film, directed by Kieron J. Walsh.
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a big poop that creates a loud splash when hitting the toilet water
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"Watermelon" is the 4th episode of the anime series Eureka Seven.
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more information - recipes
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