Definitions for "Catheterization"
The operation of introducing a catheter.
The act of insertion of a catheter into a vessel or tube, which could be an artery, a vein or a bladder.
general term for inserting a tube into a blood vessel. In cardiac catheterization a thin tube (catheter) is inserted through a vein or artery and into the chambers of the heart.
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Immunogenetics Rodentia
Keywords:  intravascular, sporadic
Intravascular Sporadic
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Invasive Serology
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Keywords:  stenosis, infusion
Infusion Stenosis
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Iodine Selenium
Keywords:  ischemia, skull
Ischemia Skull
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See angiogram.
Keywords:  retinopathy, intestines
Intestines Retinopathy
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Larva Seizures
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See cardiac catheterization.
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Membrane Spectrum
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the process of using a catheter.