Definitions for "PICC"
Primary Interexchange Carrier Charge, code that identifies the long-distance carrier
Presubscriber Interexchange Carrier Code. A 4- or 7-digit code assign by local phone companies to identify long distance carriers.
The fee that a local exchange company charges a long-distance company when a customer chooses it as their long-distance carrier.
(Percutaneous Intravenous Central Catheter) Tiny catheter threaded into a vein to give fluids.
A Peripheral Inserted Central Catheter is a long catheter (15-18 inches long), inserted in the patients arm and used to administer IV fluids or medications.
a long, flexible tube put into a vein in your arm and threaded up into a large vein just above your heart
Province Intelligence Coordination Committee
The Philadelphia Interagency Coordinating Council is made up of parents and professionals to coordinate and plan for early intervention services in the local community.
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a semi-permanent non-tunneled
Processor Interface Controller & Communication