Definitions for "Indwelling catheter"
Several types of catheters can be used for patients receiving intensive chemotherapy or nutritional support. An indwelling catheter is a special tubing inserted into a large vein in the upper chest. The catheter is tunneled under the skin of the chest to keep it firmly in place. The external end of the catheter can be used to administer medications, nutritional fluids, or blood products or to withdraw blood samples. With meticulous care, catheters can remain in place for long periods of time (many months), if necessary. They can be capped and remain in place in patients after they leave the hospital and used for outpatient chemotherapy or blood product adinistration.
A catheter that is left in place for a period of time after its introduction.
a tube usually made of rubber or silicone which remains inserted in the bladder at all times to drain urine.
An instrument that is used to inject or withdraw fluids.