Definitions for "Intravenous line"
Keywords:  vein, picc, umbilical, incubator, fluid
Most premature and sick babies cannot be fed immediately, so they must receive nutrients and fluids intravenously (through a vein). A doctor or nurse will insert a very small needle or tube into a tiny vein in the baby's hand, foot, arm, leg or scalp. It is taped in place, and attached to a thin plastic tube (IV line), which goes to an IV pump connected to a pole next to her incubator. A baby also can receive medications and blood through the IV line.
a catheter (tiny, hollow plastic tube) placed into a vein to give fluids or medication.
A thin tube ( catheter) placed into a vein for the purpose of administering fluids and medications. (See also: peripheral intravenous line, central venous line, umbilical lines, PICC line)