Definitions for "Chinchilla"
Keywords:  fur, rodent, pearly, lanigera, incas
A small rodent (Chinchilla lanigera), of the size of a large squirrel, remarkable for its fine fur, which is very soft and of a pearly gray color. It is a native of Peru and Chili.
The fur of the chinchilla.
A family of 6 species of southern South American rodents (about 25 centimeters long). Their forelimbs are short, but their hind legs are large and they are good jumpers. Their eyes are large, their tails are often bushy, and their ears are large and rounded. The Incas raised them for their fur.
Keywords:  curious, shy, furry, creature, clean
a clean, curious, shy
a very curious furry creature
Keywords:  tip, cat, shaft, lightest, ticked
a white cat whose coat has the lightest form of tipping, with dark tips at the very top of each hair shaft.
A cat with 1/8 color tipping on the end of each hair, the rest of the hair. Shaft being white or silver.
A ticked coat pattern in which the hairs are light or white except for a tip of darker color at the ends.
Keywords:  woolen, napped, tufted, heavy, cloth
A heavy, long-napped, tufted woolen cloth.
a South America animal of the family of 'RODENTIA'
a very social animal
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