Definitions for "CMC "
Of the Society of Dyes and Colorists in Great Britain. Developed a more logical, ellipse-based equation for computing (E values as an alternative to the rectangular coordinates of the CIELAB color space.)
Of the Society of Dyes and Colourists in Great Britain. Developed a more logical, ellipse-based equation for computing _E values as an alternative to the spherical regions of the CIELAB color space.
Of the Society of Dyes and Colourists in Great Britain. Developed a more logical, ellipse-based equation for computing DE values as an alternative to the rectangular co-ordinates of the CIE LAB colour space.
A water-soluble cellulose-based polymer used as a thickening agent in foods and detergents
Carboxy methyl cellulose, is made from pure cellulose which is etherified with methylalcohol. This gives it extraordinary water absorbing properties. The material can hold up to 400 times it own weight of water.
Critical micelle concentration. The lowest concentration of a detergent at which molecules aggregate to form micellar structures.
Chemistry Manufacture Control - part of document to be submitted to regulatory boards called 'IND Application' and includes pre-clinical study results. CMC + IB submission and approval will allow human clinical studies to go forward.
Chemistry, manufacturing and control. Term used in the context of production and quality control of drugs or drug candidates.
Chemistry, Manufacturing and Control (CMC) data are the chemical and pharmaceutical data which are included in an IND or an NDA.
Common Mezzanine Card
Curriculum Materials Center. A section of the library located on the First Mezzanine that features music CDs, videos, and DVDs. Materials for Education majors, such as children's literature, curriculum guides, textbooks, teaching kits, and games are also located here.
Children's Medical Center
Communication management configuration. A configuration in which terminals are owned by a copy of VTAM in an MVS image other than the CICS active or alternate system
Camp Management Committee. The camp management committee (CMC) is the refugee-run administration in the camps. The CMC is headed by the camp secretary and is made up of representatives from each sector in the camp. The CMC has committees that coordinate birth and death registrations, food distribution, and health programming, and that determine responses to social problems, like disputes within families or between neighbors.
Class is title Caribbean Media Corporation
Class t alt Caribbean Media Corporation
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CMC is a Perl/GTK+ mail client designed to be easy to use and fill the needs for features that are not present in other mailers, including HTML mail, multiple accounts, support for external viewers, compatibility with other mail clients, easy extendability, multiple mailboxes, etc.
Common Messaging Calls. An application program interface (API), produced by an industry consortium called X.400 API Association, combines basic common functions of MAPI and VIM.
Common Message Calls. A set of 10 high-level functions for quick and easy implementation of simple messaging.
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Central Military Commission. There are, in theory, two separate Central Military Commissions--a state CMC and a party CMC. According to the PRC constitution, the state CMC commands the nation's armed forces and is responsible to the National People's Congress. In practice, the state CMC is firmly under CCP control. Although the precise relationship between the two CMCs is ambiguous, they have complete personnel and functional overlap.
Cultural Ministers Council. Federal and State ministers with responsibility for the arts and culture, meeting once a year and responsible for setting up the Heritage Collections Council.
Cape Metropolitan Council. The Cape Metropolitan Council is the local government structure that provides services for the Cape Metropolitan Area. Also called "CMC".
Construction Metrication Council
Canadian Meteorological Centre
Contemporary Music Centre [Dublin
An anacronym for Cold Molding Compound. Generally synonymous with RTV.
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Short for A spreadbetting and CFD company.
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Person who has completed a course of study and passed an exam given by the AMSA (American Moving and Storage Association) to assure an adequate level of industry knowledge. This person may calls at the home of a shipper, discusses all move requirements, makes note of items to be moved, provides information about their company and provides an estimate or price of the move.
Ceramic Matrix Composite: A composite made of a ceramic or carbon fiber surrounded by a ceramic matrix, primarily silicon carbide.
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Map Collection (Central Library, sixth floor)
Map Collection (6th) 011001
Computer-Mediated Communication
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Customer made contact with the client in the field agent's presence.