Definitions for "Commercial software"
This software generally is software sold with support, documentation, licensing, etc. for use in commercial environments.
is usually created by many software developers, over a long period of time, working for a salary in the employ of a large software company. This software is sold by vendors (such as Dataflex), mail-order catalogs, and computer superstores. The largest software company today is Microsoft. Commercial software is usually more expensive than shareware and is usually well-promoted. It is also the only software for which you can obtain technical support via telephone if you have problems with it, and is updated and improved on a regular basis. Commercial software usually has the most features and best overall design. Most people use their computers only with commercial software because of these reasons.
Software that is typically sold through retail store operations, or directly to the user from a representative of the author. Commercial Software can also be obtained via the Internet, but usually not downloaded.