Definitions for "Site license"
A contract with the software publisher that allows multiple copies of software to be made for use within an organization.
A license that gives permission to use a software package on more than one system. Site licenses are a means of providing a bulk rate to companies and schools that want to use software on many computers. UCLA has been able to negotiate special pricing for many applications that are used widely on campus. Software Central.
a binary license
an agreement that can be purchased by a company or school
an agreement through which a purchaser buys the right to use a program on a given number of machines for less than the price of buying a separate copy of the program for each computer
an agreement whereby WordPerfect sells a large number of programs at a discount to a buyer who agrees that the programs will be exclusively for its own use and will not be resold
a cost effective solution to minimize costs to individual departments, colleges, and the university as a whole
a perfect solution for language laboratories
a specific document you purchase along with the CD giving you permission to install that CD on X number of computers at your site